Saus Mustard

Sauerkraut is an old German dish made from shredded cabbage and salt.

In fact, the name sauerkraut comes from the German word sauerkirche, which means sour church.

People have enjoyed this dish for centuries; its taste has changed little over time.

Today, we have several varieties of saus mustard to enhance any dish.

Sauerkrauthas a long tradition of use in German cuisine and today as an excellent probiotic supplement for our health.

It has many varieties and flavors that we've come to love from its many uses in recipes and as a side dish.

Find out more about this delicious fermented food by visiting: http:\\/\\/en.wikipedia.

Sauerkraount is a traditional dish in Germany.

It's typically served with meat as a side dish or as a main dish.

You can also enjoy it on its own with a spoon.

Many people simmer saus mustard with meat and noodles to make a meat sauce or soup.

Others add saus mustard to their potato salad or make coleslaw out of it.

Essentially, you can use saus mustard in any recipe that calls for a vinegar-based sauce.

Sauerkraut is tart and tangy due to the fermentation process.

Fermenting involves adding bacteria and yeast to veggies, which helps preserve them and gives them flavor.

Bacteria binds the cabbage together during fermentation; this gives it a firm texture.

Saus mustard doesn't taste like just cabbage; it has spices such as caraway seeds, celery seed and onions that give it flavor.

Some popular varieties of saus mustard include beets, carrots and kohlrabi in addition to cabbage.

Each variety adds its own unique flavor to your dishes.

Sauerkraut is an excellent probiotic food.

Probiotics are live bacteria that support healthy digestive processes in your body.

It has various cultures such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Streptococcus salivarius that promote healthy digestion and immunity in your digestive system.

You can even buy probiotic capsules that contain these cultures - simply add these to your food for an extra boost of health benefits.

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