Recipe Fried Rice mix vegetables

Fried rice is a popular dish in many countries.

It's made of cooked rice tossed with ingredients such as fruit, meat and vegetables.

In addition to being delicious, fried rice is also healthy and easy to make.

For example, you can use frozen or fresh ingredients.

It's also a good idea to use a large saucepan for frying so the food cooks quickly and evenly.

When making fried rice, you should start by preparing the ingredients.

First, cook the rice and drain it thoroughly.

Next, prepare your other ingredients- meat, vegetables and sauces- by chopping, measuring or cooking them.

After that, add the ingredients to the pan and cook them together.

Keep stirring as you cook the dish until the ingredients are well mixed and fried rice is ready.

Body Outlines: First, make sure you have all your ingredients before starting to make fried rice.

You will need at least two bowls for holding the meat and vegetable portions of the dish.

Next, wash your vegetables and chop them into equal slices or chunks.

Meat should always be cooked before adding it to fried rice.

Therefore, pre-cook your meat by frying it in a separate pan.

Once your meat is cooked, you can add it to your vegetable mixture along with any sauces you are using.

You should also separate any spices from their containers so they can be added to the dish at this time.


While the oil is heating up, wash your rice thoroughly and drain it thoroughly as well; you don't want water in oil when frying.

Also add your spices and seasonings to a bowl so they're ready for use.

When the oil is ready, add a small amount of your spice mixture to the oil and allow it to sizzle briefly before lowering your meats into the oil.

Allow one or two pieces of meat per tablespoon of spice mixture you used when cooking the meat.

Once your meats are browned on both sides, remove them from the pan and set aside while you fry your vegetables next.

Fried rice is an easy dish to make and very tasty! The ingredient quantities are flexible so you can customize it to suit your taste buds and diet preferences.

You can also make fried rice in large batches so everyone in your family has enough for several meals throughout the week.

After removing your meats from the pan of hot oil, add your sliced or chopped vegetables to the remaining oil and allow them to fry for about one minute before removing them from the heat.

You may need to keep stirring as you add each vegetable so they don't burn or stick together in one layer in the pan.

Once all your vegetables are done cooking, add any sauce you are using to finish frying your dish.

If desired, serve fried rice with plain boiled Chinese noodles for a simple meal or with Chinese bread for a filling breakfast or lunch meal option.

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